7 thoughts on “AUDIO

  1. Love the song about John Michael tractor…he was my neighbor and close friend.died the day before my 18 th b day…great song.

  2. Jeremy, Your Mother is so PROUD of you!! I love the song FIND YOU! I wish I could but we”ll see him one day and ALL of us we”ll be a family again!!!!

  3. Hi, I go by cat informally. My stage name is LA CAt. I am starting up a website to licence music and I like your style. I’m still learning myself about this business because I am an artist/musician. I know I need more music on my site so if you are interested let me know. In my research the cut for a song that is picked up for film, tv, commercials etc. Is usually 50-50. I am told by a tv producer friend I will need an agent to represent the company so that will also need to be accounted. Also in the beginning I may get approached for individuals films, which is good for the resume to begin with. My favorite song is time won’t clear my mind. Your music is refreshing to hear. So much now I wouldn’t call musical, but respect their artistic expressions. Have a nice day. Cat

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